Top 10 Free Websites like Homeworkify to Boost Your Learning

Homeworkify is your personal homework companion that can solve any of your queries within seconds. All you need is to provide your magic word (in this case, Question URL), and this specified search engine will explore its database, other homework help websites, and the internet to find answers to your query.

But what if homeworkify is not working on your end? Maybe the server is down, your internet connection is unstable, or your browser is faulty. Whatever the culprit is, it can leave you in stress, especially when your assignment is due in the next hour. In such a scenario, you might think, is there any homeworkify alternative?

We’ve covered you, buddy! We’ve spent more than 5 hours scrolling the internet pages to find the best websites like homeworkify that can provide even better services to maximize your learning. Whether you’re stuck in your Math homework, find History, Chemistry, Physics, Social studies, or even General arts a tough subject, just open any of these websites, post your question, and get a step-by-step solution with proper explanation.

Similar Websites Like Homeworkify – Homeworkify Alternatives

 1. Brainly – World’s Largest Knowledge Sharing Community

Brainly is among the top websites like Homeworkify, that have transformed the whole learning process into an engaging voyage of fellowship and teamwork. It’s the brainpower of 1000s of experts worldwide. 

Whether you’re stuck in a physics problem or a geometry puzzle is blocking your way, nothing is too tricky for brainly. Simply post your question and see the magic; knowledgeable fellow students and teachers will respond to you promptly with thorough explanations.

2. Fact Monster – Education and Entertainment Side by Side

Fact Monster is a free online homework and facts help center for K-8 students. With its unit conversion calculators, math flashcards, dictionary, spell checker, place finder, and reference materials like an almanac, atlas, and encyclopedia, this platform is always available for your help.

Let me tell you an amazing thing about this tool: there is no need to sign up. Simply visit the website and enter your query in the search box. If you’re getting bored, you can also engage in games and trivia quizzes on Fact Monster to have a fun time.

3. 24 Hour Answers – Academic Support Round the Clock  

The 24 hour answers is an outstanding homework help platform that is ready to solve your problem around the clock. This alternative of homeworkify comes with a staff of knowledgeable tutors who are always equipped to assist you whenever you need it.

It’s a Trustpilot-verified platform with a 4.7 rating. In addition to answering your question, its staff is ready to promote a deeper understanding of the subject matter. All you need is to send your query, get a quote from a professional, and here you go. The only drawback of this platform is that it’s not free. You’ve to pay for what you need.

4. Crazy For Study – Top Freemium Academic Search Engine

Crazy for Study is an online homework help platform that has solved about 90% of textbooks available to date to streamline your learning. It’s verified by Trustpilot, Google, and Sitejabber and is considered among the top competitors of homeworkify.

It’s a freemium service allowing you to ask 50 unique questions each month for free, but if you want answers for unlimited questions, you can upgrade to a pro plan and get better grades for just $6.5 per month. Simply sign in to this platform and get 100% accurate answers for more than 50 million homework questions and college textbook problems.

5. Symbolab – Conquer Math Like a Pro

Symbolab is a smart math helper that solves math problems step by step. It covers many topics, from simple math to tough stuff like calculus and trigonometry. Its simple user interface makes it an easy-to-access tool for everyone. 

The specialty of Symbolab is that it explains things really well, so you can understand math better. It’s also a freemium platform that offers limited free services. For advanced learning, users can upgrade to a pro plan that comes with weekly ($2.49), monthly ($6.99), and annually ($29.99) subscription options.

6. Quizlet – #1 Global Learning Platform

Quizlet is among the versatile websites like Homeworkify, offering solutions to homework and test questions to enhance your academic performance. It provides verified step-by-step explanations by subject experts, covering a wide range of topics, including math, business, history, languages, engineering, and more. 

Similar to Homeworkify, Quizlet also focuses on personalized learning, assisting you in achieving your educational objectives. Teachers and students can equally benefit from this tool. The basic features are freely available, but if you want a more personalized study path, you can subscribe to Quizlet Plus, priced at $35.99/year, which is like $2.99/month when billed annually.

7. Study Pool – 24/7 Homework Helper

Studypool is your academic lifeline, offering more than an alternative to Homeworkify. It connects you with skilled tutors worldwide who can tackle challenging academic problems. Now, you don’t need to feel that you’re drowning in a sea of difficult assignments or complex concepts; simply step into the world of Studypool and access 30 million study documents from its Notebank. 

This online platform is your guide to confidently sail into academic waters, providing help with Math, Science, Literature, and more. Studypool’s adaptability and accessibility make it a valuable resource for students, parents, and teachers alike.

8. Khan Academy – Quality Education is the Right of Every Child

Khan Academy is a globally recognized non-profit educational platform that comes with the motto that every child in the world deserves the chance to learn. It provides high-quality learning stuff for people of all ages. 90% of teachers in the U.S. found this platform effective for the studies.

Khan Academy offers free teaching videos, interactive practices, and a personalized dashboard so that you can study the way you like and learn many different subjects.

9. Tutorly AI – Your Personal AI Homework Assistant is an online homework help platform that uses artificial intelligence(AI). It has a chat-based interface for students where they can start by sending a message with the code “welcome” for a valid month.

The best thing about this Homeworkify like website is that it’s free to use; all you need is to log in or sign up for the website and enable JavaScript. This tool lets you ask follow-up questions, get essay help, rephrase text, and everything related to homework. You can also register for more services by upgrading your account.

10. Chegg – Ensure Your Success in Every Exam

Last but not least, Chegg is one of the famous websites like Homeworkify, but it’s not free, nor does it offer a free trial. Chegg offers academic services such as textbook rentals, online tutoring, scholarship searches, and more. 

Chegg Study provides a large database of textbook solutions and expert Q&A to help students excel in their studies across various subjects. According to a study survey in 2021, 94% of students said that they were able to secure good grades when they used Chegg as their homework helper. 

Let me tell you some amazing news: Chegg is about to launch the Cheggmate feature powered by GPT-4 technology to make learning faster and more personalized.

The Verdict – Homeworkify Alternatives

All in all, websites like Homeworkify provide a treasure trove of services to assist pupils in ensuring their academic success. With these 10 websites like homeworkify, your academic career will become an exciting adventure full of victories for you. So, why not take full advantage of each learning opportunity? Explore all these Homeworkify alternatives and enjoy your learning journey! 

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